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1000 V El-Bil Sikkerhets Kit

kr 5.688,00 eks. Mva
  • 1 stk 1000V Isolermatte
  • 1 stk 1000V Isolerduk, transparang
  • 2 stk 1000V Plastklype m/gummi bit
  • 1 stk 1000/1500 V, AC/DC redningskrok
  • 2 stk 1000V isolerduk m/borrelås
  • 2 stk Redskapskrok
  • 1 stk Tube-bagg for elbil kit

1000V Isolerduk m/borrelås

kr 266,00 eks. Mva

1000V Isolermatte

kr 501,00 eks. Mva

Elektrostatics Conductive Suits

The set provides protection against:
  • Harmful impacts of the electric field of industrial frequency
  •  Electrical discharges while bare-hand working with live-parts
  • Harmful impacts of air ions (including extra heavy air ions - aerosols)
  • Current shock of induced voltage
  • Thermal hazards of electric arc
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FOLCH – Dielectric 3 strands additived rope

3 strands rope made of high tenacity Polypropylene Monofilament fibers. It is a great rope for applications that require maximum insulating properties. During the manufacturing process, different additives are applied in order to confer excellent dielectric properties. It is produced from 6 m/m to 20 m/m.
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Giasco – Ampere

kr 1.439,00 kr 1.163,00 eks. Mva